HL7 Engine & Interfaces

Conventional HL7 interfaces sends a stream of information that is only text.  With WebPathLab’s Secure PDF and HL7 Engines, your referring clinicians will have the option to see the actual PDF report as generated by WebPathLab featuring:

  • Your Corporate Identity
  • Images
  • Organ maps
  • Attachments (such as a report from a reference lab)

Our Enterprise Interface Solution Improves the Marketability of your Reports

HL7 Interface Flow ChartThese elements provide complete information about the patient allowing the physicians to get crucial details of their patient and effectively provide better medical care and accurate decisions. In addition, the attractive report becomes more marketable.

Click on the image on the right to see a summary on how an HL7 interface works.

For more informaiton on how we can help you increase your marketabiliry contact us for an on-line demo followed by a test drive of the solution.