Anatomic Pathology

WebPathLab’s Anatomic Pathology (AP) Management system is a 100% web-based solution located at a HIPAA compliant data center. All you need is computer connected to the internet and you can access the complete LIS solution.

The solution can also be located at your local laboratory provided your security measures are HIPAA compliant. We provide the software and the server, all you have to do is provide the secure location and internet access.

From a small one pathologist lab to a large, multi-location, high volume laboratory, WebPathLab is designed to minimize your cost and maximize your efficiency.

  • Configuration and Customization during the installation process
  • Minimizing manual data entry by using electronic interfaces and bar code readers , thus greatly reducing error
  • Universal points of entry using any device with internet access and proper authentication
  • Not network or hardware dependent.
  • Scalable by adding modules as the need arises. No need to pay for features you do not need
  • Interfaces with any HL7 capable EMR system or equipment (HL7 Engine required)
  • Compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Free upgrades to new releases
  • Paperless solution. You can upload any image or document and attach it to the corresponding case
  • Cost.  WebPathLab offers two Fee Schedules to better fit your needs, either Pay-per-Report or unlimited Licensing